Japan TAX REFUNDS: Earning ¥20M+ p.a. and paying MORE THAN 20% tax?
23 February 2017
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Excellent Presentation! Very informative! Thank you for the kind hospitality as well. I will be meeting with Jason on Sunday to discuss some possibilities.

James Yellowlees
Pacifica K.K.

It was a good session, filled with valuable ideas. The key point that I took away from the event was that there are multiple options both to reduce your taxes and build wealth, so long as you are willing to take action. It does not make sense to be passive, and I am motivated to move forward with a number of possible actions. Thanks very much - well worth the time.

Murray Duke
PMO director
AIG Technologies KK

Thanks very much for the invitation. I always enjoy hearing ideas and updates on practice. isg is one of several i attend each year. Venue was excellent. Food and drink was thoughtful and good. I was late and the presentation was held for those of us stragglers who could not escape from the office sooner. Thank you! Thanks for intro to Suzuki-san. I really want to talk to him about possible work. Examples given are compelling but not very detailed, and the cases gloss over some key elements, such as differences betw pre- and post-tax cash flows. Jason can be careless with numbers, not intentionally of course, but it affects my confidence in the approach as it is not clear if he understands my concerns. If there were a slightly less "slick" and somewhat more substantive approach, I would consider using ISG for tax work in US and Japan. The other area I would highlight is that costs and fees are not as transparent as could be and nowhere near the transparency I

- Anonymous

Interesting presentation. I understand the possibilities and risks. Maybe in the future, the tax savings on an inexpensive U.S. property will make sense. Thank you.

- Anonymous