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Lancaster, CA - Redwood Ave - 7 Units

$900,000 - ¥98,100,000

  • Very High Yield!

  • Annual Cash on Cash Return of 12.46% with a Potential of 16.78%

  • Japan Tax Refund Projected Cash on Cash Return of 32.00%

  • $8,832 per month gross income = $105,984 p.a.

  • Current gross annual rent is $105,984 with a Projection of $116,544

  • The new owner is really going to enjoy this cash cow!

  • 7 units with Upside in Rents
  • Five of seven units have VASH Veteran tenants with rental payments GUARANTEED by the LA COUNTY Housing office
  • The other 2 units have rental upside of at least +$440 each (from $900 up to at least $1,340) due to non-Veteran tenants
  • The property has two 2-BR detached homes, one 1-BR detached home, and two Duplexes (four 2-BR units) on generously-sized land with potential upside
This property was posted to Lancaster on: 2 Nov 2019