DEHARTY TESTIMONIAL - from Brian Kramer - 7 November 2017
"David DeHarty was very helpful in setting me up for an international transfer. The alternatives I had here locally were either not safe and or not a good rate for changing over that amount of money. David knew I was looking to get a house in Okinawa Japan, and had done other business with me with opening me a Royal London account through ISG. He connected me with Joe Cooke in the UK and the conversations went from there. I was able to lock in a rate, and hold the money there until the day I was ready to have it transferred. Money arrived promptly which was necessary for it to be there during the "ceremony" the Japanese have when it comes to purchasing a house. Thanks again for the help."
JAPAN/US TAXES, REAL ESTATE, AND SOLAR - from David Clement - 9 May 2016
"In 2009 I attended an ISG tax event. At that time ISG introduced a wide range of financial services including tax preparation and real-estate investment. I initially asked an ISG group member to review my taxes for the past 10 years to see if there was anything I missed. We discover potential tax refunds worth $30,000 and refiled 7 years of taxes. Over the next year I was able to recover the majority of the refund. "
ISG TO THE RESCUE - from Daniel Oesterman - 17 January 2013
"With all the stories of the IRS in the news, I wanted to get my taxes straight. I have been living over sees for many years and have had problems understanding the different forms and what I qualify for, and where to get these forms. When I went to the local US Consulate they only had the basic forms and said I would need to download what I needed. How would I know what form I needed? In the past the IRS had refused to accept many of my claims and failed to respond to me when they owed me money. So, I fell behind in filling but didn't know where to turn for help understanding what to do and how to do it."
ISG SAVED THE DAY, US TAXES AND NICE SAVINGS! - from James G Meredith - 13 November 2012
"I am working overseas I missed filing a few years of my taxes and the IRS sent me letter claiming I owed them well over $50,000, I said WHAT! They even sent me a nasty letter stating that they would take money directly out if my US bank accounts and investments and seize my property! How dare they! I had no idea what to do, so I urgently called my friend who works at International Solution Group in Tokyo."
ISG PUT ME BACK IN THE BLACK - from Peter - 15 October 2010
"When I came to ISG and Jason Hurst, my Zurich Vista policy was worth half of what I had invested. The funds that I had invested in were losing value and hence I was losing money. I got Jason’s number from Zurich International and I contacted him about what he can do to help me turn around my policy and help me make money on my investments. From the first phone call I had with Jason, I got nothing but professionalism from Jason; everything from his prompt communications with the customers to accommodating the customers’ needs to make them feel at ease. I have been with ISG for a little over a year now and my Zurich policy is worth more than the money I have placed in the funds. Jason accommodated my needs including get monthly evaluations from Zurich and that help me keep track of my investments and change the composition of my investment whenever needed. All in all, I am very satisfied with Jason Hurst and ISG and I would recommend them without hesitation to anyone looking to invest some of their hard-earned cash and watch their money grow."
SERVICING MY ZURICH SAVINGS PLAN - from David Michael - 10 October 2010
"I'm writing this testimony to express my appreciation to Jason Hurst, a administration planner with International Solution Group (ISG). In 2005, I started a Zurich savings plan with a Tokyo based administration planner, to fund my retirement. In early 2010, after 5 fruitless years I changed administration planners and decided to use Jason Hurst. Although I have only been using ISG since early 2010, I am more than satisfied with not only the direction my investments are heading in, but also the level of service offered by Jason Hurst."
SERVICING MY GENERALI PLAN - from Sven - 14 September 2010
"From several investments that I have made in the past few years, the Generali Vision proved as one of the best and especially it went through the Lehman Shock as if nothing ever happened. This was surely to a large amount thanks to Jason Hurst from ISG, who I was luckily introduced to by a friend when not only the same plan was down about 15%, but I also was really unhappy with the way my former advisor treated my investment and my concerns. Jason has always been there for me from the beginning on, changed my investments in a way that it has now turned into a 15% plus and is still giving me excellent service with fast communication, clear response to my concerns and personal meetings whenever I wish. This makes me feel safe and in good hands."
SERVICING MY HANSARD PLAN - from James - 12 September 2010
"I have been part of the Universal Retirement plan with Hansard for about eight years, and once it had initially been set up, I pretty much did not pay any attention to what was happening to it for five years or so. During that time a lot of the initial funds I was investing in were not giving much growth or had ceased to grow at all. Despite this, no one from the initial company I had set the scheme up with had bothered to contact me about reviewing my funds or generally how my scheme was progressing."
SERVICING MY ZURICH SAVINGS PLAN - from Marco - 10 September 2010
"I have been a Zurich saving plan account holder for quite some years and to be honest there was a time I did not feel happy about it. This was mainly because of the agent handling my account. In the tough turmoil years of 2008/2009 where I really needed a helping hand with my portfolio I did not receive any substantial support from him. Instead of saving money I was loosing money. So I was very happy when ISG Japan offered me to take care of my Zurich account and to turn it into something I can consider right now to be a good investment into the future. Thumbs up. The guys did a great job!"