SERVICING MY HANSARD PLAN - from James - 12 September 2010

I have been part of the Universal Retirement plan with Hansard for about eight years, and once it had initially been set up, I pretty much did not pay any attention to what was happening to it for five years or so. During that time a lot of the initial funds I was investing in were not giving much growth or had ceased to grow at all. Despite this, no one from the initial company I had set the scheme up with had bothered to contact me about reviewing my funds or generally how my scheme was progressing.

Jason Hurst and ISG were recommended to me by a friend, and he met with me to discuss my plan fairly promptly after I first mailed. Jason made immediate recommendations about which funds I should cease to invest in, and which funds to invest in from this point on. The explanations were very clear and easy enough for someone like me who has no economics background and very little knowledge of how stocks and the market work to understand. Jason very simply explained what documents I needed to sign, and then took care of the transfers for me. It was all very painless. Thanks to his advice, my plan is heading in a much better direction, and I can visibly see the funds growing, whereas before they were stagnating.

What has most impressed me about Jason and ISG is that he regularly keeps in contact with his clients, either through meeting them directly to give a rundown on how your plan is going, or through regular emails, highlighting major moves in the market, and good investment opportunities. He also regularly recommends new schemes that he thinks might suit your financial situation, which is really helpful. Another great thing about ISG is that you can log in to their home page anytime and view for yourself regular statements from (in my case) Hansard.

I have known Jason now for just over two years, and I have found him to be very friendly, knowledgeable without being overbearing, prompt in replying to enquiries, and most importantly, trustworthy. I am very comfortable with my Hansard plans being in his hands, and recently under his advice have just started a life insurance scheme through Hansard.