SERVICING MY ZURICH SAVINGS PLAN - from David Michael - 10 October 2010

I'm writing this testimony to express my appreciation to Jason Hurst, a administration planner with International Solution Group (ISG). In 2005, I started a Zurich savings plan with a Tokyo based administration planner, to fund my retirement. In early 2010, after 5 fruitless years I changed administration planners and decided to use Jason Hurst. Although I have only been using ISG since early 2010, I am more than satisfied with not only the direction my investments are heading in, but also the level of service offered by Jason Hurst.

The 5 years spent with the former administration planner were an extremely frustrating and disappointing period, both financially and mentally. During this period irrespective of market performance my investments never changed. Despite having under performing stocks and communicating my unhappiness a number of times I was always sent a variation of "these stocks are well placed for the future, I recommend you hold them."

Never was I advised as to my investment options or the reasons why I should keep the stocks. I was left with the feeling that I was just a small investor and my portfolio wasn't of real concern. My frustration caused me to suspend my contributions for over 1 year and if it weren't for the termination penalty clause I would have cashed out the policy.

In early 2010 a friend of mine recommended I contact Jason Hurst and after talking to him I decided to change administration planners. It was definitely the correct decision as Jason has provided me with efficient, reliable, first rate service. Unlike previously, Jason has always asked as to my financial goals and then explained the investment options, a practice that has let me make informed decisions. Also, taking advantage of the weak US dollar he has shown me how to get more value from my plan.

I've also been pleased with ISG's customer focus, a focus that ensures there is regular contact and an offering of information and services to the customer. I understand that administration planning isn't an exact science but I have confidence that Jason is not only actively trying to get the best return for me but is available to provide advice and information when needed. Due to these reasons I have no hesitation in recommending Jason Hurst as a administration planner.