ISG TO THE RESCUE - from Daniel Oesterman - 17 January 2013

With all the stories of the IRS in the news, I wanted to get my taxes straight. I have been living over sees for many years and have had problems understanding the different forms and what I qualify for, and where to get these forms. When I went to the local US Consulate they only had the basic forms and said I would need to download what I needed. How would I know what form I needed? In the past the IRS had refused to accept many of my claims and failed to respond to me when they owed me money. So, I fell behind in filling but didn't know where to turn for help understanding what to do and how to do it.

So when my friend told me that ISG in Tokyo could help me get caught up to date I was excited. I didn't expect a return, I just wanted to get "right" with the IRS. They did more than that, they told me I should be getting $12,000 back and put all the documents together for me.

I have one less worry now. I am happy to write this testimony. I will recommend International Solution Group to all my friends. I am now setting up an offshore account for my future. I know who will be handling my business.

Thank you again!

Daniel Oesterman
EZ CarZ Yomitan

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