ISG SAVED THE DAY, US TAXES AND NICE SAVINGS! - from James G Meredith - 13 November 2012

I am working overseas I missed filing a few years of my taxes and the IRS sent me letter claiming I owed them well over $50,000, I said WHAT! They even sent me a nasty letter stating that they would take money directly out if my US bank accounts and investments and seize my property! How dare they! I had no idea what to do, so I urgently called my friend who works at International Solution Group in Tokyo.

Within hours I had confirmation from the ISG tax accountant that they would be able to sort this claim out. In fact better than sort out the debt, but to reverse this, and actually get me back $800 bucks for 2009 and 2010 taxes. WOW no way! A $50,000 + tax bill turned into $800 bucks in my pocket that I missed claiming! Thank you IRS for coming after me... Thank you ISG for covering my A(*(!!

Then after this, as I was so happy I set up a $300 offshore savings plan so I can make sure my son is able to go to a decent University. Also I like this offshore idea as if in the future I receive any more nasty letters from anybody, I can rest assured my sons college tuition will be safely protected as they are invested in highly protected locations.

I would highly recommend ISG to any one. As they have the skills and the people to protect anybody. Win win I say, they worked hard for me, and I am happy to write this testimonial to show my appreciation.

Thank you ISG,

James G Meredith

Feel free to contact me concerning my experience with ISG.