JAPAN/US TAXES, REAL ESTATE, AND SOLAR - from David Clement - 9 May 2016

In 2009 I attended an ISG tax event. At that time ISG introduced a wide range of financial services including tax preparation and real-estate investment. I initially asked an ISG group member to review my taxes for the past 10 years to see if there was anything I missed. We discover potential tax refunds worth $30,000 and refiled 7 years of taxes. Over the next year I was able to recover the majority of the refund.

Since then ISG has helped me to buy three Residential buildings in Japan and a solar farm. Each transaction was in fact problematic with regards to Japanese tax authority understanding, Property Management Operations and delivery of critical components. However, ISG stood by me and I expect all the investments I have done via ISG to be profitable and solid. Depending on the investors circumstance ISG may be able to help. I can recommend that anyone listen to ISG explain what they can do for you, as they have provided a valuable and unique service.

David Clement
VP of Sales

Feel free to contact me concerning my experience with ISG.